Restless Nights

An object in motion and an object at rest will stay at rest until acted on by an unbalanced force…

Distractions are easy while it is yet day.

It becomes second nature to submerge yourself in work and ignore the warning signs that exhibit themselves in your emotions.

Things are revealed at night.

Night exposes the desires that purposefully lied dormant throughout the day and provided an open arena for the thoughts that hid behind tasks to fully emerge.

We run to rest and yet ultimately have ended up more depleted.

A mind continually in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by an unbalanced force.

Sometimes it takes the silence of the night to reveal the reality that the cage that we have been living inside is far less safe than living exposed.

What’s exposed can be healed.

The thoughts that flow from your lips give access to reality.

Your words begin deeper than the sound that hits the airwaves.

A mind constantly in motion will stay in motion until acted on by an unbalanced power.

The night itself is restless.

The stress, anxiety, fear, and worry of the day compiled to an hour where your body and all around you seem to come to a pause except…

Nights don’t rest.

While the night relentlessly pursues calamity, aims to snatch the assurance in the God we trust, and unfolds the inner turmoil of our unstable souls.

Despite what does not rest around you, His promise is to give you rest.

The restless night serves as a reminder that while there is agitation and aggressiveness towards your soul, His Word assures that there is an invitation to His Presence where He promises to give YOU rest.

His Word. That’s the Force.

Penetrating what appears to be a forcefield and firewall of avoidance, His force is not of equal magnitude and pulls us in the opposite direction of fear.

The relentless pursuit of what seems to be silence, fearful reminders, and loneliness never rests, but neither does the constant, assuring, powerful Word of God.

A mind in motion will stay in motion until acted on by the Word of God.

Pull on Him. He does not sleep nor slumber.

March 15, 2023

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