Good Cause

What is HER definition of Good?

HER “goods” were taken advantage of, used, abused, mishandled, and mistreated so the trust that she once had for good in the world and of herself has been intentionally discarded along with the hope in God that has intentionally slipped away.

The goods she was able to produce became more valuable than the good of who she stood to be.

She was still good enough.

But what is HER definition of Good?

She thought her yes to God would eradicate the guilt and shame, instead, it perpetuated hurt and blame. She asks, “what good could this brokenness really cause?”

But what is HER definition of Good?

She desired an identity that did not only exist in fantasy but in the reality of her present.

She was tired of the merry-go-round of emotions.

The more she hides, the less she would seek.

She was broken enough times that now, the cracks have started to mean more to her than the finished product that was formed as a result.

Her brokenness became comfortable.

She frequently pondered “Can anything good come from this broken, fragile, and easily destructible vessel?”

But… what is HER definition of Good?

The blurred lines between good and bad distorted her vision more than her vision itself.

If God is Good, why does the pain of reality feel so bad?

She would prefer to cast blame yet she located enough faith to believe that this shattering was for a “good cause”.

Her brokenness became safe but over time the barricades of what she thought was protection were penetrated deep enough by the Love of Christ. Was He that ‘good’?

But, what… is HER definition of Good?

The relentless pursuit of identifying the reason for her despair has left her with more questions than answers, fears than faith, and exhaustion than strength.

We serve a Good God.

But again, what is HER definition of Good?

To be good meant she was desired, approved of, and considered qualified which everything she faced presently contradicts.

She identified the strength to kneel.

Holding on to the many prophesies, and words of encouragement spoken to her she knelt before her Father.

Could it be possible that the fragmented pieces of her identity formed a picture of anything other than who Christ viewed her as?

She had never considered that her brokenness could not only invoke good to arrive but good to be revealed.

She waited for good to make sense when all along good was not awaiting identification but interpretation.

HER desire for understanding had to shift from determination to fabricate her own definition and step into the truth of His.

So, what is HIS definition of Good?

Good in God’s eyes is a world that reflects His Glory.

Through prayer, her mind was transformed, and the weight of shame and guilt was lifted enough for her to utter the truth to herself.

Her good rested in the truth of knowing where she rested.

In her Father’s Hands.

What the enemy meant for evil, He truly did turn for HER Good.

No one else to blame, nowhere else to seek the understanding of the reason for her brokenness.

This portion of her life was indeed significant and set apart for future good works.

She herself is HIS Good cause.

March 15, 2023

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