As your coach I have privileged access to your desires, goals, fears, and struggles.
It only seems fair that you learn a little more about me!

When I mapped out the course of my life, like many, I did not think that the trails of my journey would lead me here.
In 2021 I sensed the wind of an incoming wave, mounted the board of opportunity, and decided to surf with the Lord's command to finally release. What originally flowed from the mouth of God years ago, lived in the fragments of my mind without a strategy for what felt like forever, until finally His instructions to “build a brand” became reality.

I know for certain that a part of my destiny is linked to assisting others to become, grow and evolve into the BEST versions of themselves, in the midst of loving the mighty work of God's plan RIGHT where they are. My past and transformed perspective became the steps to this platform. It was never about what skill I needed to acquire but who I needed to become. I was afraid to truly become who I was called to be due to what I would need to maintain and the fear of others, until it caused more pain to perform on a level I surpassed, than to just peel back the layers of uncertainty, tell myself the truth and turn the page.

Here’s to impact. Here’s to purpose. Here’s to a lifetime of encouraging and celebrating YOU.  I am HER, only because of HIM (Jesus Christ).

HER Pivot to


I lied to myself for years by training myself to believe that change was “wrong”, and that the shell that encapsulated me due to fear and insecurities was constructed for my protection. The consequence of me protecting myself and living in a false reality brought about by lies I chose to believe was the stagnation of my purpose and who I was called to become. In sharing a story with one of my friends about my childhood, I received the revelation that I believe helped me gain courage and finally begin the process of stepping into my purpose.

I used to struggle heavily with insecurity, feelings of inadequacy, and the fear of rejection. But in my lowest seasons, I learned that from the place of ultimate uncertainty and discomfort, God was doing His best core work and training in me. As a child, I was a natural speaker. My parents often share stories about how much I excelled as a natural-born leader. I spoke to strangers and engaged in conversations everywhere I went. I shared knowledge beyond my years and exhibited leadership qualities with children far beyond my age. 

Somewhere along the way was I labeled “quiet, reserved, shy, introverted, or to herself?”. Where did the shift occur? How did I start believing that I was not adequate enough or able to walk confidently in purpose, and trained myself to believe that I was built for the background? Incidents of rejection, betrayal, and emotional/mental abuse all layered the constructs that formed this “outer shell”. It seemed comfortable living in my own bubble until the tugs and nudges from the Lord increased in both intensity and frequency, then I finally said yes to the process.

I decided to Pivot. But the decision started with ME. I made the decision to live purposeFULLy in Christ and demolish the walls (that I've built up in myself) that were barricading me, and now I encourage others to do the same. It was not easy, but it was worth it. I know that there is more inside of you, and I know that if you were drawn to this site, the time is now.

You were created, designed, birthed, trained, and prepared for such a time as this [Esther 4:14]"

I am HER,
& You are too…



Fun Facts!

I am a dancer!

I have been dancing in Ministry since age six and began more technical training in my early twenties.
My love of dance however is not bound to ballet shoes and leotards, but if good music is played, I'll be first on the dance floor as well.

I am a crybaby!

For this reason, I will avoid watching emotional movies at all costs.
I, Yes I, have never seen "The Notebook" for this reason. Some say I am missing out, but I beg to differ :) 

I dislike having to search for parking!

If you invite me anywhere, the FIRST question that inquire about is the parking availability.

Therefore, choose wisely :)

I have the habit of re-watching the same movies!
 I can probably quote word for word the entire Grinch movie. Oh, and I will extract jokes from the same movies and ask “What movie is this from?”.

 While it is from the SAME movie, you probably still won't guess it :)

I was born, raised and currently reside in the northeast section of Bronx, NY!

(And I still get lost in certain places :)

I love ALL things Shoes!

I don't like the word “addict” so I will just elaborate by saying if you're considering giving me a gift, you already have secret intel :) 

Some more 

Early riser or Night Hawk?

Hot or cold?

Seafood or Soul food?

Passenger or Driver?

Lose sleep or Skip a meal?

Plans or Surprises?

Spend a month without a car or a month without internet?

Night Hawk

Definitely hot. I avoid being cold at all costs. 

This is a tough one, but I'd have to say soul food. 

Passenger Princess for sure :)

Ill skip a meal for more sleep any day.

Surprises are special :)

No car = No Parking
So No Car ;)


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