"I help aspiring millennial women evolve their way of thinking, step out of their own way &               ."


Registered Nurse
 Certified Life Coach

HER facilitates millennial women on their journey to purpose, recognize potential, overcome limited beliefs, and navigate into their next season with self-confidence.

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Fueled by passion, through individual coaching and courses, HER is committed to your GROW-th by helping you,

(G)ain courage and clarity in your identity and purpose.
(R)ecognize the roots of debilitating habits keeping you stuck in cycles.
(O)vercome obstacles, and optimize your voice.
(W)alk in faith into your predestined purpose and call.


For such a time as THIS!

Life is full of transition. Whether transitioning from single to married, corporate job to entrepreneur, wife to mother, general congregation to now ministry leader, employee to boss, growing relationally or acquiring new responsibilities in everyday life,  our identity is at the core of stability and elevation. 

HER caters to women plagued by feelings of inadequacy and self-sabotage, discover the root of their behavior, avoid cycles of negativity, determine methods, strategies, and tools to overcome, expose barriers and lies, feel empowered to achieve goals, and ignite their faith to believe for themselves that they have access to a life of genuine fulfillment and purpose in the midst of every chapter.

HER calls to women who are ready for their next, their personal more and to step into their “next” season. 

The space of God-ordained purpose and peace, where a woman operates in HER purpose and capacity, free from self-sabotaging behaviors and lack of truth regarding identity.

HER "Next" (n):

Meet Briana

With being a Registered Nurse for almost a decade, the decision to dedicate her life outside of scrubs to help people heal, overcome and grow comes naturally. A lover of Christ and devoted ministry leader, her desire to catapult women into their next has been at the forefront of her heart’s passion. She impacts the lives of many with her genuine, gentle, and authentic presence and love for the growth and betterment of others. Regardless of platform, as a growth enthusiast, a teacher, perspective catalyst, thought elevation strategist, and a certified Life Purpose and Transition Coach, Briana encourages, inspires, and commits to being present to support those she loves in becoming who in Christ, they were always destined to be.

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Helping you gain courage and clarity in your identity and purpose, recognize the roots of debilitating habits, overcome obstacles, and optimize your voice.