I realized that at the core of my lack of productivity and process were symptoms of emotional stress, discouragement, hopelessness, insecurity, lack of self-awareness, and fear. I learned the lessons so that you don't have to.

You are deserving of:

  • Relief through counsel and personal coaching
  • New strategies to build self-confidence
  • Knowledge of the truth through the Word of God
  • Self-awareness and the ability to maintain positive thinking concerning your identity
  • Joy in your Journey by learning to embrace how the Lord is using your present season
  • Wholeness and optimizing what you are capable of

Bruised, but not Broken.
"I take symptoms and turn them into                          "



I am wholeheartedly invested in you and your next because I know that there are many people connected to you. I am not only excited to help you gain insight and courage to elevate in your personal lives, but I am equally excited for all of those who will have the ability to witness and experience all that is awaiting you!

The woman you see today is because I’ve decided to do the work. Are you ready to do yours? (Hint: in the end, it is totally worth it).

The only thing that is missing, is your yes.

Here's your 


It’s time! Your greatest accomplishments and the life you are called to achieve are likely on the other side of your thought patterns. It’s time to get off of the hamster wheel. Be ready to…

Rise from past failures and operate in success
Execute your strategized action plans and gain momentum in your stride
Strengthen your character, perseverance, and passion for long-term goals
Obtain a faith boost and maintain resilience throughout your journey
Recieve self-awareness powered by encouragement

Meet a version of you that will take this next level by storm!

This program further elaborates on the G.R.O.W model (help gain clarity in purpose, rise in strength and wisdom, overcome obstacles, barriers, and current challenges, & walk confidently in faith). It is for the woman who desires personal accountability in the initial phases of their reHERbilitation journey.

Individual Coaching includes: 
  • 1:1 Weekly Telephone/Video Calls
  • Action plans designed to achieve personal goals
  • Exercises distributed for self-reflection/development
  • Prayer and Scripture Application & more.

Individual Coaching:

ReHERbilitation Courses/Program & Group Coaching (Coming Soon!)


The Decision is 

  • Are you having trouble overcoming the cycle of falling into mental pits and the symptoms exposed in relationships and productivity in your life?
  • Do you believe that there is a higher quality of living and purpose that the Lord has called you to, but you are having difficulty dusting off the residue of past heartbreaks, trauma, and painful childhood situations?
  • Do you desire an official accountability cheerleader, that is dedicated and invested in your potential and that provides a safe space to heal and grow?
  • Are you in a transition of any kind and desire an elevation strategy?
  • Have you experienced a life-altering circumstance/event that has caused you to lose sight of who you are and your purpose, dreams, and goals?

In reading all of these options, are you having trouble admitting that a few if not all are definitely you?

Oops, looks like you've found the perfect place.
As overwhelming and hard to admit as it may be, we can navigate your next steps together.

You, Yes YOU, have a testimony that can transform lives.