Instructed Stillness

If you are a part of normal human living, I’m sure that you have come into contact with tiny human beings between the age of 1-3, known as toddlers (dun dun dun…), AND if you’ve ever spent an extended amount of time with them (and you’re honest with yourself), I’m sure that you have uttered the words “Can you keep just still for a minute?” as you watched their tiny frames bounce from one corner to the next.

Maybe if you have never said it out loud, I’m almost certain that you’ve thought it.

However, despite how many times you repeat it, it does not seem to translate correctly. Or, if you end up having to take extreme measures, and force a moment of relaxation upon them. Either…

– They pretend they are not tired or in need of a sedentary moment.

– You can see the tangible difficulty that sitting down for even a moment causes throughout their entire framework.

This is probably what God sees when He looks down at His children, after instructing a period of rest/stillness in our lives.

Most of the time stillness is uncomfortable. Especially in a “hustle and grind” culture and society.

Witnessing the constant hurry and movement of others in itself deceives many into believing that moving is essential, & if we are not (for a moment or a season), we automatically label it being “stuck” or hitting a roadblock.

Guys, I am many… and many is me.

And let me insert a disclaimer for those who may find cause to think otherwise and find a need for debate, yes movement is vital! It is movement that sustains life. However, this is not the direction that the flow of this article is intended to stream.

There have been multiple phases in life where I knew intrinsically that God was instructing me to slow down. But, because He gave me the vision to reach for (and I held and believed so strongly in it) I thought in order to obtain it, it required me to dedicate and devote all that I had, including time and there was no “time” to stop.

Insisting that I knew the course of all action and achievement myself, I continued to work.

Each time that I picked up a pen or opened my laptop to be productive, nothing came. Absolutely nothing.

No new creative idea.

No flow or fluidity.

Until I finally yielded (weeks later) and stopped…entirely.

During my time of ceasing, I watched so many others possess and progress in what it was that I thought the Lord desired for me.

Now, it did not change the outcome of what He spoke nor what I saw. But it allowed me to learn the art of stillness, the beauty of it, and how it ultimately was for my benefit.

Stillness feeds the perfect timing of God, and in HIS plan, He has already allocated the need for seasonal rest stops.

What if what you perceive to be a roadblock up ahead is an indication that you should slow your speed?

Stillness is a gracious opportunity.

Why exert wasted energy and make no progress?

The energy that is wasted is usually not converted into effective productivity.

Movement does not always equate to progression.

The conclusion/result of skipped (missed intentionally or unintentionally) stillness is to continue in constant movement and ultimately get absolutely nowhere.

You and I are not stuck, we’ve gained the gracious opportunity to practice HIS kind of Still.

If Stillness were not of any importance, He would have left out the fact that He (God) Himself, rested. (Genesis 2:2-3 NKJV)

This scripture is quoted quite often and if studied we realize that He “ended” His work and then entered rest. He did not persist in working through this rest. It was intentional.

We rest in HIS Still.

Stillness is a forever [internal] posture in Christ, yet the stillness of our [external] experiences is typically only temporary.

While nothing is happening, trust, everything is happening and preparation for what’s next is still taking place.

Even in the Still, You’re not off schedule. Trust Him.

No, it is not an easy concept to grasp, I myself am still learning the art of instructed stillness. However, I can assume that when He says “Hell makes me lie down in green pastures” (Psalm 23:2 NKJV) that He (Sovereign) knows what He is talking about.

We’ve got to believe it.

“The Lord replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” – Exodus 33:14 [Id read 12 & 13 as well 😊]

Hope this helps!

#beencouraged #SeekHISstillness​

Final disclaimer: If you KNOW that the Lord has instructed you to MOVE, take heed and obey. I will not be liable 🙂

March 15, 2023

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