I don’t mind giving up…

What does “not giving up” really look like? 

For me, not giving up looks like searching diligently for every reason not to.

It begins with going beyond self in seek of a purpose far more significant than your “why”. It starts when your why is the engine but becomes fully detached from the wheel. Your why is the energy, but the yield forces the steer of the direction. 

Not giving up looks like shredding your own plans in an effort to gain access to a greater Heavenly strategy only discovered through Prayer, Fasting, and Pursuit. Persistent Pursuit.

 Not giving up looks like seeing what others don’t, hearing what others can’t, and staring keenly into the lens of what only God has destined your “it” to be. 

Not giving up looks like collaboration. Extending yourself to the expertise of others. It looks like being ok with being different…

Going against the tide in efforts is only momentary, in hopes of the idea and opportunity of smooth sailing approaching. Not giving up looks like waking up at 3, 4, 5, in the morning to the subtle nudge of the Holy Spirit wanting to talk despite you falling asleep a few hours before. 

It looks like losing sleep and ditching comfort. Or so I thought… …& even after all that it “looks like”, it still isn’t reality. What you thought it should look like was all still only a perception.

Not giving up has always been your birthing into full acceptance that giving up [total surrender]

IS what “not giving up” looks like.

March 15, 2023

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